Board30 HIIT

Our signature Board30 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is a 45 minute full body resistance work out. We focus on working with multiple angles and levels of resistance to gain strength, mobility, balance and improve cardio capabilities. This music oriented class applies elements of pilates, strength training and yoga.

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"HIIT Circuit" is a class where you will not only be utilizing the Board30 bands but will also be applying off-the-board moves as well moving from one area of the room to the next. Plyometrics, ropes, sand bags, sprints, body weight exercises, and much more will be added to this class to increase the level of difficulty. If you want just a step up  of intensity and want to push yourself with variety of exercise equipment and not the traditional Board30HIIT class --the class for you!

You can always modify the moves in this class as well.

RECOMMENDED YOU TAKE A BOARD30 HIIT BEFORE JUMPING IN THIS CLASS! Also recommended to wear some type of support shoe!


I will motivate clients by collaborating to set goals, providing meaningful feedback, and by being a reliable source for accountability.


As a trainer I can do one on ones or groups of four. I also conduct a variety of assessments beginning with a preparticipation health-screening and may also include assessments of posture and movement, flexibility, balance, core function, cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular fitness, body composition, and skill-related parameters (e.g. power, agility, coordination, speed, and reactivity) to observe and gather relevant information needed to develop an effective exercise program and support client goal attainment. As a trainer we create exercise programs following a progression model, using the baseline assessment as the starting point of a clients physical abilities and framing the program to fit the individual personally. Helping clients to reach their full potential in various aspects of life!!



With 25+ years of experience in the fitness industry and personal training, Theresa Rudel and her husband Rod wanted to open a workout studio in their hometown of Fort Collins, CO. They scoured the internet for a fitness solution that encompassed the whole body in a low impact way, but was also time efficient and high-intensity. They came across the Board 30 concept and were hooked immediately. They both went to meet the owner, Floery, to get trained in the methods and it was a great fit! They immediately bought into the company and 6 months later had the first licensed studio in the United States. Now, with the help of their daughter Rachel who helps market the location, it has become a family business.


Since then, the partnership has flourished, more studios have popped up in the United States and it has become an international concept. The studio is an all-in-one fitness solution for people of all body types and ages. From professional athletes to active agers and everything in-between, Board 30 has become a welcoming community in which users can customize the workout to their needs in any class settings that are offered.

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"Super fun, full body workout. Only 45 minutes out of your day to make you feel like a million bucks! Definitely worth a try."

- Christianna

"Absolutely kicks butt! Don’t be deceived by how easy it looks. It hits all body parts from different angles and is unparalleled by any workout I have ever done. You will be completely spent in a very short time. Extremely effective and efficient. Will be back again and again. Many thanks Theresa!!"

- Kelli

"One of the best workouts I have had. Highly recommend."

- Sam

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