Board 30

let's band together

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The system

Board30 Fitness is a unique workout that utilizes the versatile and portable Board30 fitness board. This specialized equipment, combined with resistance bands, forms a high-energy, low-impact, mind-body, HIIT-style system that blends techniques from various workout genres. Here's what makes Board30 Fitness stand out:

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes alike, providing a thorough workout experience.
  • Each class typically lasts 45 minutes and focuses on resistance band training.
  • Sessions incorporate cardio, strength training, stretching, and calisthenics for a comprehensive workout.
  • The equipment's multiple anchor points allow for a wide variety of exercise variations.
  • Engages the entire body with full-range movements, promoting muscle engagement and flexibility.
  • Facilitates muscle and ligament rebuilding and repair, aiding in quicker recovery.

Board30 Fitness is renowned for its ability to enhance strength, endurance, and overall fitness through efficient, high-intensity workouts.



From a professional athlete to a fitness novice to a person in recovery, the BOARD30 system will produce results more quickly and, in less time, than other workout systems. Your experience will be remarkable & produce amazing results:

  • A strong core with resulting strength & balance
  • Toned, lengthened muscles for a leaner physique
  • An interconnected & integral body
  • Improved balance
  • A cohesive body that is less injury-prone
  • An increased range of motion
  • Reduced overall body fat
  • Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after class
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Board 30 spirit

Join us as we band together in unity! BOARD30FC welcomes individuals of all genders, nationalities, belief systems, and ages to come together on the board.

Whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or new to fitness, our resistance band system offers a transformational experience. With limitless movements, each class feels fresh and exciting, ensuring you'll never get bored.

Even after years of practice, balance, form, and strength continue to develop, serving as ongoing goals to strive for.

BOARD30 is more than just a workout; it's a supportive community where individual goals feel supported by all. Experience a whole-body, whole-heart transformation with BOARD30.

Welcome to the BOARD30FC community.